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Think you have what it takes to construct the world's tallest tower purely out of blocks? Your goal in Balanz is construct a tower quickly as you humanly can so that it meets that level's height requirement without falling over. Be careful when stacking these blocks because if one happens to fall off the screen, you will shrink your tower's overall height. Located on the game screen are three indicators that will keep track of time, the height of your tower, and the amount of time available for dropping each particular block. Make sure that you utilize each of these indicators fully as they will help in your ultimate goal of creating the world's largest block tower!

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This game is imitating other balance games and does it badly. You draw from a semi-random shape pool that increases with each successive challenge and the only difference in each challenge aside from that pool is the amount of time given, leniency for losing pieces, and the height that you have to stack to. There isn't nearly enough variety. Many games have pre-existing environments to build around which add more flavor, this does not. I beat one level by spiking a tall piece down on top of a tower that was almost about to collapse and I still won.

Also, things balance way too easily. I have a feeling that pieces are completely ignored after a certain point, otherwise this game would be much harder. There really isn't much to this game. You hope for tall pieces to maximize your score and balance the pieces slightly without there being any sort of puzzle element thrown in.

mini games

Took me a bit to get the hang of it, but it's really challenging and addictive. I'm glad you included those Mini Games, because those are my favorite challenges. I got the high score on one today, but i'm sure that wont last for long. Although this game as has sorta been done before, it's a great all-around game and done well.

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4.15 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2010
9:40 AM EDT