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hehe good :p

lol,it funny how a Windows os is better. BTW lol i hate the thingy thats only in 1 frame and in you movie it says "Newgrounds sucks!" on 1 frame :O

Surfer-Clock responds:

I don't even know where I stand on this issue anymore. Seriously. I still have a comp running Windows ME. I've been quite faithful to the M$ brand, and probably will be until...well, who knows? You don't care anyway. Thanks for the review, I guess.

ok but i dont agree with the macintosh thing

i have windows and it works fine the movie was still cool though

Surfer-Clock responds:

But I was a yearling of Flash then, and I've had many a bad experience with Windows OS's...and I still do. Ah, well, thanks for the review, I know this was torture on the eyes. XD I mean, look at it, I did the graphics with a mouse. XP

Not bad...

Yeah. Macs are better. And to the people that dont think so, when was the last time you crashed? I think the last time my my mac crashed was...what...a year ago? Hope some people listen to this...

Surfer-Clock responds:

And to you I say: Wow. I'm surprised that you could give a positive review torwards a movie of mine that was made during the "Yoshi Slayer Preview" era of Flash animation that I had. Here it is, folks, proof that if you appeal to the masses of one particular group, they can really surprise you.


why to these wankers talk trash and vote 0 on movies that have NO clocks in them :|

honestly... i think i'll just remove the 'clock' part of my name... it makes us a 'visible minority' and ppl just vote low without even watching.. haha that was not bad. gave me some chuckles ^_^ i think it was the face.. lol. it looked so funny. ^_^

still it could use a lot more effort :)

software wouldnt make your computer blow up.

and internet speed is determined by your modem...

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2.26 / 5.00

May 31, 2002
12:56 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody