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Silent Destiny is a series of animations and games intertwined by a story featured across various media.


Silent Destiny Memory Match is part of the first episode of the Silent Destiny series entitled "Arrival". In the story, Grael, the source of magic in the region of Serapi, is under attack by a robot drill (Drill Drone) used by the Spirits. The heroes suspect that the culprits want to steal the Agimat Crystals being cultivated at the top of the tower. The Agimat Crystals must not fall in the wrong hands, the Drill Drone must be stopped at all costs!


1. Flip a card to reveal its Agimat stone.

2. Match the corresponding stones to activate "Specials":

a. Choose Team Sepu to directly attack the Drill Drone.

b. Choose Team Vell to protect the heroes from the Drill Drone's counter-attack.

c. Choose Team Yana to reveal the Drill Drone's Agimat stones.

3. Every wrong choice allows the Drill Drone to counter-attack which depletes the life bar. The game ends when the life bar is emptied, the time is over, or all of the cards have been used.

4. Completing the game continues the story and unlocks the 'Extreme Mode".


- The character featured in the ending sequence ("The Silencer") represents the customized avatar of the registered player when the game is played in the Silent Destiny website.

Please visit our production blog at: http://silentdestinyprelu de.blogspot.com/

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Lupet! Nice game!

Cool take on the memory game, it gets you involved! Nice character designs! Pinoy right?

silentdestiny responds:

Yup! Salamat Keybol! :)


This is obviously well thought out, the backstory seemed interesting enough to get involved in and the art was good. However, repetitive music, lack of more sound effects and voices brought this down to about average level. Believe me, you're just a few steps away from front page material. Just go those last few steps and you should get awards and praise yet! I swear that if you don't, I'm a monkey's uncle. :)

I do like this and I would love to see it become something better than good: GREAT! I'm sure you can do it! Good luck!


silentdestiny responds:

That's a pretty persuasive review DarkX64. Let me take that into consideration. Thanks!

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Mar 26, 2010
11:43 PM EDT
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