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I-bot Reinterpretation

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Based on some little tips MindChamber made to my first attempt of an I-bot overlook I've made this second try and give up all the info in this flash, although SkullBeatz for lending me his "Robot voice" tune for this flash.
In the sections: "who is I-bot", "What The Look" and "Gallery" use the arrow buttons on the screen to next/previous frame. The "what the look" contains animated MovieClips, so you may wait a little before passing to the next layer.

As I'm not a programmer but an artist I couldn't do much more than this, so hope you like the drawing and the coloring.

EDIT: Hey, 8th in the daily, not bad for My second fash submission ever.
EDIT: MindChamber has already setted I-Bot colour to White and silver. Check my other Bots Reinterpretation at the art portal.

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nice work

sorry I didnt see this sooner!

its really well done, and its a fun presentation, I also like the ability to change the colors etc.

great work!

Manuel-Dangelo responds:

Thanks you very much, man

And hey... better late than never :P

What a robot

This was fairly fun to look at, although it was a bit hard to understand exactly what I was a game or not. It was more of a display of all the things you had done in FlashPlayer. It looks like you definitley did something right, because these drawings are pretty creative. It seems like the robot mascot is not used enough on Newgrounds. Have a Happy Halloween, although that doesn't mean much on this date. I am glad that you got help from MindChamber, as he is one of the most respected mods here.

Manuel-Dangelo responds:

it IS mostly a displayer, but there is not a tag for thoes, so... game it gone.
I agree that bots should have more spotlight, and yes, MindChamber is realy cool... just don't mess with him... he tends to get pissed of bit easy.


all i can say

Manuel-Dangelo responds:

Well, Thanks
(all I can respond) :)

nice job

also at first I thought the "I-bot" stood for "illustration bot" but "image" makes sense as well.

Manuel-Dangelo responds:

Newgrounds bot's names are always too ambiguous

I think it should be..

Dark purple? Cause gangsters wear purple

Manuel-Dangelo responds:

ok, thanks. One more thing... 3 weeks late man, MindChamber choosed white. :)