IcePets Survivor

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Myth has it that there is a magically powerful gem deep within the ice caves. Many explorers have tested their skills and bravery to find it and none have ever returned. One fateful day, however, a lonely Hodra stumbled upon an old textbook chronicling these past adventurers. He has now vowed to collect the gem in honor of those who were lost. You can help guide this gutsy Hodra through the unforgiving caves to the gem! Along the way you will find items that past adventurers have lost. Things such as extra rockets, shields, and possibly rare gems. Each will help you on your journey!

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I have the same problem as cjgammon

yes I know we are supposed to avoid the ice, but still, you need to put in a GAME OVER screen (or something similar) and add a button that says 'Play again?' (or something similar)


when i hit an icicle the game froze and i couldn't play anymore.

IcePets responds:

As the directions say, hitting those will kill you. You are supposed to avoid them.

Criticisms and Etc.

Gameplay: Nothing especially new here, but some novel ideas. (7/10)

Sound: None whatsoever. This really, really hurts the game overall. It would be vastly improved with nothing more than a rocket thrust clip. (0/10)

Visuals: Okay visuals. (6/10)

Other Comments:
The pacing was very, very slow, such that I just went and offed myelf to end it.
Lacks a re-play button. (-2 for a game like this.)
The lack of sound really, really hurts overall presentation.

IcePets responds:

Thanks for the tips. I'll keep them in mind for games made in the future. The lack of a replay button may be because it's part of the send score script on the actual site? Not really sure.

disappointing :(

soooooo broken

I started and fell straight to the bottom. And the game crashed. Then I refreshed and red the instructions. Started again and the diamond/gem things looked good! Until I tried to collect one and it crashed. Try making your game work before submitting.

IcePets responds:

The game works perfectly fine, and has been played and tested by thousands of people prior to submitting. Also, as the directions say, those ice blocks are what you're intended to avoid.

Credits & Info

2.00 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2010
5:59 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle