Track & Field GAME (NES)

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I noticed the lack of sport games here on NG, so i decided to remake and old NES( the best video game console ever) game...This is kinda of a beta version but it's completely playable, but i would like to let you know somethings:

1. there are 2 play modes, olympic mode (against the computer) or versus mode (2 player).

2. the vs computer or olympic mode, eventhough has some little bugs, it's fully playable.

3. the versus mode or 2p mode, works fine on the swimming competition, but probably you will have some problems in the hurdles. so first try the olympic mode.

4. I recommend you to first read the "how to play" so you know the game controls.

I hope you like it, this was a good actionscript practice, but i have a lot more to learn... any feedback is welcome..

>NOTE: preloader issue: it turns visible when some of the game has fully loaded...sorry...please be patient..it's worth it :)



Tekno's Review

How the heck people rate this a 10 with all the bugs and glitches it has, just amazes me... Blame it to the 'Irresponsible Reviewer Virus' I guess...

The Game was going fine for me. I love retro games and the graphics are neat, also the music wich fits just perfectly... Even the controls are good and respond well to my commands. The problem comes with programation and debugging: on the hurdles race i found mysef hitting every obstacle, so just for fun I started to keep the jumping on all the time. To my surprise the girl not only could accelerate while jumping, but also NEVER touched an obstacle! Not even when she jumped INTO them!
Then I tried Fences... On the first match I didn't know very much the game mechanisms, so I tried to push my oponent to the other side of the ring. The game kept giving BOTH of us points but then made the rival win!! I can handle that you have to actually beat the other to win, but the real problem came when I started another match: the game was about to begin when the referee just whistled and made my oponent winner of the entire match!!!!! What The HEck!?? I mean, I've heard of bribes and pre-paid matches, but c'mon! at least let's make it look real!
I don't even want to try swimming... The next thing i need is a shark following my legs or something (well, that would be a very good reason to swim like hell XD)

You say feedback is welcome. Ok, there you have it. It's now hateful at all as some may thing just because I'm pointing bad stuff into your submission. Not at all. as I said, the rest is just great, but for Pete's sake, just fix those things, please...
Good Luck!
(I'm not voting yet, so I can give you another chance)

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Not Fun

I'm a big fan of the NES, but this game is no fun. We should just let it die.

Q juegazo, esta de la puta madre!!!!

me duele el orto de tanto estar sentado viendo tu juego, pero como no hablas espaƱol no entrendes una mierda muy buen juego!!!!!

Traduction: Nice Game!


not good, low graphics.
Didn't like it

Awesome! Love retro games 10/10 5/5.

Love it. I like retro game's from the 70's 80's and 90's so this was perfect for me!

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2.46 / 5.00

May 30, 2002
11:35 PM EDT
Sports - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place June 1, 2002