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Author Comments

Story: A caravan of space freighters are making their way to a wormhole, but are ambushed by cloaked pirate ships. There is only one evacpod left on the USF Ulysses. The captain finds an unconscious officer and puts her into the pod. You control the evacpod and must fly through the space wreckage to avoid detection from the pirates and hopefully find a way to escape.

So basically this is a simple game of dodge-the-stuff falling. I think it should only take a couple tries to make it through; it's not too hard. Although there are no lives and you can only take 3 hits, the game itself only takes 5 minutes or so to get through.

Well, this is my second submission to newgrounds so go easy. I hope you all like it and enjoy playing through it as much as I did making it!

-- Will Harrison

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thumbs up +++

Surprisingly harder than I thought it'd be, which makes it AWESOME in my book.

ZZR responds:

Have you beat it yet? :p

Big Disappointment

The cool graphics make me want a cool game, but it's just a dodger and a pretty clunky one at that. When I play a game like this, I want to play something that keeps me on my toes and stresses my reflexes, but the slow reaction to mouse movement and preset level make it just a memorization game.

I feel like I've seen that girl before somewhere... maybe ...

ZZR responds:

I adjusted the ship to follow the mouse at a certain speed where it wasn't too fast/easy, but not too sluggish and I think I got to where it felt right.. so it might be a performance issue causing it to be slow on your system, or maybe you'd prefer the ship followed the mouse 1:1, but I'm glad you liked the graphics at least, thanks!


I realy enjoyed this mutch more then i thought i would. Great control, graphics, sound!

ZZR responds:


Excellent take on a basic concept

So, you browse Newgrounds, and you come across a game whose instructions are using the mouse to dodge debris. You think to yourself, ok, I've seen this a million times before. This has nothing it can add to my life. Right?

While the game really is built solely on this basic concept, it's got something that all the (honestly crappy) dodgers and navigators really lack - immersion.
The graphics are fabulous, and clearly some thought has been given to the look and feel of everything, especially the debris. The "already damaged" health bar adds to a feeling of vulnerability; so too are the (functionally irrelevant) oxygen and fuel meters - they make one worry about what's coming ahead, adding uncertainty and increasing the immersion. Then there's the diagnosis text, which further adds to it.
The music really helps a lot, too.
(point of note - it seems to have a long silent length at the end of its loop, which is noticed on slower frame-rates).

Also importantly, this game has a plot, which makes a sequel - not necessarily similar in gameplay - possible. I would like to see such a game.

So. Upsides:
- Music
- Graphics
- Atmosphere in general
- Challenge level is just right

Negatives/pet peeves:
- Preloader apparently not working properly
- The backstory, when read, is a little cheesy
- Gameplay really is very basic

All in all, this is a top notch game in its genre. Good work!

ZZR responds:

Great/thorough review, thanks for your comments.


its a shit life in space

ZZR responds:

I know, eh?

Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2010
1:25 PM EDT