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A chance connection with the server system of a secret bunker based community...

... perhaps these things happen for a reason.



Type with your keyboard.
Discover commands to explore the system.


Droid Controls.
Arrow keys to move
Shift to shoot

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Very good but still...

I loved the "old school text adventure meets unix-like terminal" look and feel, but there are a few things that prevented me from giving a higher vote.
For example, why did hitting backspace cancel the whole line instead of just one character? It was a bit annoying.
Also, why use cat to list files and not ls?
And, more importantly, it ended just too soon! I expected more explanations about who you are, why you are accessing the servers of some hidden bunker, what the virus is about, etc, etc...
Still, the game shows a lot of promise, it would be great to see a longer version or a sequel, with some more puzzles and more story.

I wrote a quick walkthrough for anyone who is stuck:
http://dargor17.new grounds.com/news/post/452867


Nice game, not so userfriendly


Tuitsuro: I made the first chemical with your formula, then the another and mixed the two types to ONE (four element in one chemical) but nothing happens...

Very Hard!

The two remaining servers are nearly impossible to guess, I'll keep working at it though. The problem is too many leads and nothing panning out. Very inventive though, but it's so hard I think people may well quit before they get very far.


The chemical test isn't actually that hard, but it does take a bit of logic to figure out. The chemicals are all naming conventions based off of Kemide, Zodium, and Levide. There are 9 total unmixed chemicals and 9 total mixed chemicals, and the idea (I guess?) is to recreate the chemical formulae for the antidote and weapon. I actually was able to recreate both, using formula 121304122657 and 12230402261758; but it didn't do anything. Guessing I'll probably have to open the other servers in order to use it; either that or try to figure out how to create both chemicals at the same time, but that's an order of magnitude more difficult for an already difficult game...

Pretty Cool

The interface was cool, it fit the premise very well. The puzzles are absolutely punishing, at least for me. The messages seemed a bit calm and composed considering the situation the bunker's inhabitants were in. 8/10 4/5


I struggled for a little bit to find the Euryale password. Once I got onto the server, I found the chemical test way to hard. There is no way to know if you are creating the correct compounds or not. Is Levzodite just Levzodide with a typo? For anyone who wants it, the password is the name of the lost cat. His owner is the guy in charge of server upkeep for Euryale.

Very fun

This is a very hard game. I couldn't figure out how to get into MEDUSA SERVER or STHENO SERVER. a couple of hints may help, but otherwise this was very good.

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3.71 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2010
3:26 PM EDT
Adventure - Other