Zombie Survival Quiz 2

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The Zombie Survival Quiz returns with improved visuals, new questions, Twitter functionality, and a revamped Grade System. Do you still pass the test, or are you doomed to an unlife of shuffling the lifeless wastes?

After answering all 50 questions, your answers are used to grade your survivability in the event of a large-scale zombie outbreak. This quiz is not as forgiving as the last.

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This could be better, and clearer, in regards to the questions.

For example, "What do zombies eat?" had corpses as part of the answer. However, you never stated the condition of the corpse, otherwise they'd be eating eachother. Thus "animals and humans" is the correct answer.

Not to mention the axe question is just as unclear as the axe could be well-maintained enough to cleanly slice through bone (hell, some kitchen knives are sharp enough to!).

The armed forces question is bias cos who's really answering this quiz having been in both?

The "what to equip with a rifle and pistol" question is also unclear, a silencer being best as it helps reduce detection which is all you really need if you've survived long enough to claim one.

A zombie is effectively impotent once all senses has been removed, unable to see, hear or smell prey, so are only dangerous to morons messing around with them.

An army base isn't inherently a great answer as they can be just as stupid as hospital safe are. Yeah, they have guns, but I highly doubt the world's governments give out zombie horde training.

And have you ever seen what happens to a brain under heavy electrical output? Yeah, an electric fence wouldn't work, but if you really cook a zombie, it's grey matter will become grey soup. Humans die from electric shock first from extensive damage to the delicate brain tissues from the electrical overload, second to internal burning. It's not foolproof, but enough power can fry plenty.

I'm a guy who's read and reread the zombie survival guide a few hundred times. Yet I still got a B rating, which stands for "Bogus". The quiz has a rough grasp of the guide, then fails to account for other variables in the situations it puts forth. I mean, what is someone's using a handmade weapon like a spear? What if the army falls before any of the other locations? What about traps, such as pitfalls, which add in a location's defense? And what about the use of silent, non-gunpowder related weapons? What is someone's trained in the use of bow and arrow? If you know how to make arrows and a bow, have a good training in stealth and already know the guide cover-to-cover?

I'm proficient in a lot of things. Most of them about survival or killing things (survival is survival, don't look at me like that!). But still, my rating makes me look like some bad B-film extra who dies close to the credits. Hence 3.5 stars. Cos it's a big quiz and has plenty to it, but the logic doesn't work perfectly and rather seems a little looser than it should.

Which sucks, cos this is one of the few quizzes which don't have cheap jumpscares. The first quiz was a lot better.


Physical, mental, and experience: B

Emotional: C

Final rating: C

So... 4 outta 5.

Question 1 is just pointless. Why did you bother adding it?

O5: This uh..."straightforward answer" is nonsense. You dont need to "outrun" zombies they walk and shuffle at people.

Q6: that is not the best choice. Keeping someone who just murdered your teammate?..Seriously? Since this is the end of the world how about I just kill him instead? why didn't you add that option.

Q7: depends on the schooling they had. I doubt a liberal arts/philosophy major is going to be much help in rebuilding humanity.

Q8: again...NONSENSE you DONT NEED A GUN to kill a zombie. Guns require bullets the best weapon you can possibly use is one you're comfortable with and easy to use. Bashing the zombie's brains out is not "extremely difficult" with a rotting corpse I also do not want more zombies coming at me if i dont have a silencer.

Fighting off bandits depends. If theres one of you and a dozen of them you're probably going to die no matter how much training you have.

Q10: bare fighting any zombie with any hand martial arts experince is reduced..You can pummel a zombie all you want, but nothing will work without shooting him in the brain. Other survivors however.. Instead of just saying "you're screwed!" You could probably try and say "since you have no experince in hand to hand combat try to carry a melee or just completely avoid hand to hand fights."

Q11: yeah okay, I'd like you to say that to your mother/girlfriend/wife see if you can walk away. Secondly if she was that much of a burden to you...Why invite her in the first place?

Now you say I'm with a group do you think they're going to trust you after you just left one of your companions to die without trying at all. Just because you said no that doesn't mean the rest of the group will. if you just leave everyone to die you eventually will die as well you will need a team to survive. No one...No one no matter how much training they have WILL need a team and a group.

However since this was a large amount of zombies that is probably a wise choice. Still though.

Q16: i disagree having served neither is not the worst answer. Again this is one of those games where you must have combat experince or you're gonna die.

FYI the outbreak is not all about combat, even if you didn't serve in either branches that doesn't mean you dont have experince in shooting guns. I grew up shooting guns. I'm an expert in shooting, but I've never served the military or the police, infact, i'm in college. On my way to medical school.

A doctor is just as important as a soldier, I doubt my survival would decrease, considering I would know about diseases and how to treat injuries unlike someone who served the military. I'm not going to dive in and kill dozens of zombies/bandits I'm going to hide/avoid them.

Q18: I cant really tell which one is the "best" answer here. You're posting all the cons. The silencer completely silences the gunshot. unless you have someone literally standing next to you. This is probably the best one. I could easily kill a zombie without attracting more attention. This is your "best" answer.

Q23: Okay again you posted only cons with this. congregation's prayers are not that loud in small churches infact ...The power would probably be out in which case the microphones wouldn't work. Much of the time they'd probably just do silent prayers. You want a choice? pick a church you want defenses to stack up? Then stack up.

Q30: On foot is best and theres no limit? No gas? Theres something called stamina that is your gas. You need food to keep you going. It's going to be hard to run away when you've been walking for hours and a horde of zombies are shuffling at you.

A sedan is a great choice I don't know what you're talking about, not every single highway and city is going to be clogged with traffic its likely most of the traffic already left the city or they choose not to leave at all. You're going to probably need a sedan unless you plan to stay in your city for the rest of your life, yes it requires gas. Many things do. That shouldn't be eliminated as a good choice just because it requires gas.

Q39: what is overall the best? whatever you have access to in your home and comfortable with using guns require ammo and alot of the time many people are not trained to use guns. In which case choose another weapon.

Q42: Since I have to be a supersoldier/college graduate/gearhead/doctor in order to pass this quiz I don't think distance matters unless I'm using a melee weapon or a shotgun/pisol.

The ending: Okay again this whole game is right-or-wrong answers and graded on if you'd survive or not

There is no advice on how to survive its just plain and simple "you're screwed, bye." Theres no survival plan, theres no survival advice, theres no choice but to choose the "right" answers.

If you're not a good runner. Try avoiding survivors you dont know, try hiding instead of running, try finding a car.

Kindness will not get you in any trouble if you are kind to the correct people. Leaving your members to die simply because they are a "weak link" will likely get you in alot of trouble and probably kicked out of the group.

If you're intelligent or not doesn't matter if you have common sense and graduated highschool.

So heres your overall ratings....One star.

For the where do you head first question I feel like a military base would be one worst options the military might be hostile why would they let you in it would be over crowded and supplies would be tight and how many military bases do you know and is walking distance anyways its fun over all some I'll give it a four

Definitely not as forgiving as the first quiz. Questions and design all very similar but I can see minor improvements. I failed this time around with a C as did many of my friends I linked it too xD I think I need to get more fit! Feels a little more realistic this time around and the short blurb at the beginning that specifies what kind of zombies its based off is helpful this time around, although I still fail there because I don't know many of the references. I like the update to seeing answers being click one and it pops up an explanation but I was a little confused initially that I'd accidentally hit the Again? button because it looks like starting the quiz over. I'm bringing my rating up a bit because scoring still feels a little off but I see some minor improvements.

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Mar 25, 2010
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