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Play as Amil, an animate cardboard box! When Tony's pets fall down a deep hole, it's your job to rescue them. Navigate your way through strange underground caverns and make your way back to the surface again in this gravity changing retro platforming adventure game. Arrow keys to move and jump, space to continue dialogue & interact with people/objects and WASD to change gravity at certain points in the game. If you're struggling with some of the levels then please use the walkthrough link. Hope you like it!

Credit to the music artists PixlCrushr, Fionnhodgson, Eliteferrex, Sergey Eybog & the sponsor bubblebox.com

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5/5. sending report to tom and wade to do an investigation and ban users who voted below 4.

Very sweet. This cardboard box is a valued citizen.

animal crossing music! yay!

So pretty.

Wow - very beautiful all around.

What was the last song to play (after returning the animals)?


Really awesome game with in my honest opinion an original idea... not for anyone who gets frustrated easily though, you're likely to sulk and ragequit