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Hi, my name is Jonathan. I've been working on Bobulous for almost a year. Hope you enjoy it!

Here you can see some of the art that never got to the game:
http://marcosamoroso.blog spot.com/

Hi everyone! I've been reading the reviews and I was expecting to find someone who asks about the '+' symbol next to the lives.
Well, as I couldn't find anyone, I will reveal what that is:
That symbol represents an extra life! Yep! You heard right, an extra life! I'm sure that will help you save the universe on time :D

Hint: It's "bad luck" to click Captain Bobulous a given "number" of times.

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Great game, wish it had more levels though

This game is so awesome, please make a sequel!!!!!

JonathanMelnik responds:

Maybe ;)

Fun. A Good game

It's addicting for sure, just a little repetitive

very good

addicting, fun, challenging... WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT!?!

Simple and Fun

Great game, still a minor bug, though - my time/medal for "eradication" level isn't saving. It shows my best score, best number of lives, best number of z-energies, but shows the time as 0:00 and no medal, even though I've completed eradication a number of times. (I have no idea if the bug repeats for "space hero" level - I'm not that good :) ) - I do know the bug is not present with the "counter-attack" level - it DOES show my medal and best time for that.
A hint for other people having troubles dodging asteroids. When you see the asteroids fly behind the station, you know they're coming, but then on the right hand side of the station the word "danger" appears next to the track they'll take (middle, top and bottom, top half, bottom half, or everything except the very tippy top and bottom), usually with plenty of time to move out of the affected danger area.

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4.41 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2010
7:27 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid