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Slip 'n Slide Plus

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Slip 'n Slide Plus is an expansion to the original game with 20 new stages, 4 new achievements, 14 skins to choose and unlock and hard mode unlocked from the beginning plus the even more difficult ultra hard mode!

(Due to a programming mistake in the original Slip 'n Slide I cannot load your original savegame, that's what the new stages are unlocked from the start of the game, enjoy!)

In each stage there's a key and a door, get the key first and the door to the next stage will open. You can collect coins for bonus points and an achievement. There is a total of 50 stages, but it doesn't end there; you can create your own levels with the included level editor and share them with your friends.

Arrow keys to move


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Fun little game. I was intrigued for the first twelve levels, then the game started wearing on me. I can definitely see the appeal in this game, but it is not something for me.

Way too easy. It was very fun, but the achievements were too easy. For instance: On "Can't Get enough", it was too easy to get away with making a level with a puck next to a key next to a goal (and play it 5 times), which I did. It is easy to cheat, so that's why I gave it a 4.5 rating. However, it also goes to show that pressing random buttons won't help. You have to think strategically. All in all, I would probably do this again if I wanted a break from my normal games. Good job!

Awesome game!

The music is awesome! And I see you used the font VAG Rounded, which is a great font. The game reminded me of Pokemon, since you are sliding on ice. Since I've played Pokemon a lot, this game is no problem for me on normal mode! I even completed all 70 levels, most of which have all coins collected!

Fun game

Nice game. It made me think instead of randomly hitting the keys

nice game

i played till 58