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The Knocker

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Have fun demolishing buildings!

Key points -

You can't hit the roof of the buildings.

You can't hit cracked floors.

You can't hit between floors.

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its nice really good 4 stars JK 5 stars

Pretty fun

I like this game because it is a very simple game and it knows how to get done what it is supposed to do. It took me awhile to understand that I was not able to hit between floors. It was kind of goofy and a little childish, but that did not keep it from being a fun game. I also like how the music is so silly and really fits the mood. The graphics are not bad at all and I like the silly design of the aliens. It has little point, as do most games here, and it is fun to just hit big things with boxing gloves.

Entertaining for a minute

This game has a few minor flaws like the small screen with too much flashy colors and the not so original gameplay.
On the other hand the music was picked out perfectly and suits the game very well.

Pretty fun

I enjoyed this alot! great concept and good graphics ftw!
5/5 and if you ever need Audio for a game/flash feel free to use any of mine!