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Inner Zombie

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Author Comments

First it was the bird flu. Then it was the swine flu. Guess what's next? That's right: the zombie flu!

WASD = Move
Left-Click = Shoot a Freeze/Shrink Enzyme
Space = Drop Freeze Bomb
Shift = Drop Time Bomb

You are a white blood cell. Your must protect the red blood cells. One way to do this is to bump them out of harm's way. The other way is to destroy the zombie viruses by moving over them. To help you do this, you can slow down the viruses or shrink them by shooting enzymes at them or by using Freeze or Time Bombs. Also, pick up as much RNA (green spots) as you can to use on upgrades.

There are 3 types of zombie virus: Dissolver (looks like a mouth): Destroys red blood cells; must be shrunk before they can be eliminated; can also shrink you and make it temporarily impossible to shoot Eater (looks like a veiny eyeball): Grows by eating red blood cells Spreader (looks like a black and yellow ball): Turns red blood cells into zombie viruses

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Why can't you make a easy game? Hard games stink.

Not bad for a game

Everything was presented in a very clearcut manner for this. The thing that I did not like about this was that it was a bit too simple/easy at times. You just went around and hit the little mouths until you could go near and get them. I just think it would have been cooler if you had been able to get rid of them by shooting at them. It was still a pretty interesting idea with how you could freeze them with shots. That made it all the easier.

The music fits the game well. It sounds like someone is swallowing. I don't know much about germs, so I don't know and probably wouldn't care how medically accurate this is. From the title, I was expecting it to be a game where you shot zombies. From this is not what I prefer, you did manage to put a unique twist on the zombie genre by fighting in on a microscopic level.

yayz! :D

I got the gold medal! I will appreciate this intil someone pushes me off the high score page.

Wasn't it Swine Flu?

Anyway, quite a fun little game you got there! Kept me entertained for a while. :D

Fun for all


Credits & Info

4.52 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2010
4:28 AM EDT