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This is a demo of an rpg I've been working on. Based on a d20 system.

Update: I edited the graphics and added some more music. Not any major improvements. I'm still going to be editing the graphics a bit. I'll have the bridge level finished before the week hopefully. Thanks for the comments/reviews. I read them all and some have been helpful. Any more suggestions for improvement would be awesome (aside from completely overhauling the system. It's an rpg, mostly just point and click. I have other games in development. This one was supposed to be a relatively simplistic and story oriented. Sorry if it's not up your alley).
The battle system and everything seems pretty complete. I'm adding the item menu later so you can use the shuriken you pick up.

But yeah, this is just the opening story, the first battle, and a 16 second sound loop. Enjoy!


This is a Demo, only submit complete games. Improve the graphics, add more content, and remove the music loop.

nfdgoins responds:

Thanks for the response on a game I uploaded 6 years ago.

Oh man...

Man I dont know why but Playing this game is too tiring.Maybe its abaout attacikng buttons but Im not sure

this is not a game i would like

This is not a game i would like but to other people it might be. it could use a little more action, as in moving around a bit more. To a lot of people writing doesn't matter and there is a lot of that. Do your best in everything you do and follow your dream even when there is people who don't think your game is the best. Good luck on the game.

Interesting potential, but not a good submission.

I'm giving this a review based on what it COULD be. That being said, this is just a demo, and a poor and short one at that. Please resubmit a more complete version, as this is pretty much nothing as it is now.

new at this?

it is sorta noobish right now. a way to at least improve the aesthetics, is to not use default typefaces. use some sort of filter or bevels or something. i know that is something little, but you will be amazed how much it can matter.

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2.43 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2010
4:44 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG