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Author Comments

Ace the Super Villain's Remake of Asteroids. In addition to the standard roid busting, you must also collect gold and dodge the local wildlife.

Up/Down = Thrust
Right/Left = Turn
Space = Shoot

If you want a story/explanation:
You've decided to try your hand at the ultimate get-rich-quick scheme, Asteroid Mining. The roids in the wizard nebulae are known to contain a rare isotope of gold, called Golden Globs, worth millions of space doubloons. The mothership operates a containment field around a group of roids while you in the mining ship fire quantum particle discharges to break up the metal/diamond asteroids and get at the Golden Globs inside. The unstable globs have an incredibly short half-life when exposed to empty space, so you need to grab them and teleport them back to the mothership as fast as possible. Once you've removed enough roids from the containment field, it will open up to let in a new batch. As you continue the operation, you get deeper into the asteroid field and more roids will enter each time. Some roids contain deepspace life forms instead, such as Fakeroids, Gummeroids and Buggeroids, so watch out!

See it's like a real job. If you were to do this in real life, it would work like this EXACTLY.

:Edited Mar 23, 2010 to fix the Submit and Restart buttons

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Not a good game
Reminds of some game i cant remenber
Those who likes space ship will like.


Strangely addictive. I have this game on my phone somewhere and it bores me slightly but your version is way better and more fun =]
Love the style you've done it in also.

Great take on it

This is a great take on the original Asteroids, making it lots of fun to play. The gold is a nice addition to the shooting, but could be made more of with upgrades etc.
Other improvements could be different armour etc. for each ship; less armour but an invincibility timer when you are hurt (I ended up trapped in a corner and was killed straight from 10 armour; weapon upgrades, shields, repair kits and other upgrades.

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

Hey thanks. I will definitely be making something with more uses for Gold in the future, but it's the end of Spring Break and I needed to get something out there before it got piled under more college work. Thanks for the suggestions.

You do in fact have an invincibility timer when you get hit, however, it is very short and I'm not surprised you didn't notice it. It mostly keeps you from getting hit by the same object more than once. I was actually thinking of giving you a combo shield, so you can only be injured if you get hit 3 times in a row, etc. You'd buy shield that can take longer combos as you go.

Very nice

Albeit a tad unoriginal still a very well done game, I like the graphics andd the gameplay, protect it peoplez this is an enjoyable game!

Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2010
2:13 PM EDT