Splinter Cell Sam Fisher

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Sam Fisher is missing. Zoom in on surveillance photos to tag images of Sam Fisher, his allies, enemies, and equipment from Splinter Cell Conviction. New images will be posted regularly. If you show aptitude to reading intel, you might just get recruited by the 3rd Echelon. Good Luck!
How To Tag a Clue: To tag an item, you must be zoomed into the surveillance photo at the highest power. You must move your mouse over the object and click it to be tagged. If this is a taggable item, a dialogue box will appear.



This is a brilliant game. I will probably spend all day today, trying to find everything.

As I write this, I have found five so far. I am sure the single individual items will be the hardest, and I already found Torbin. :) Pretty slick. If I hadn't decided to do a grid search and wondered about what it is I was seeing in the photo, I never would have clicked him. So lonely on the bench. :,,(

The game works flawlessly for me. The Zoom is smooth and the photo is manipulated as if I was actually pushing and pulling it around. I sorta feel like a government spook trying to find these folks and it really adds something to the game that I can't fully express without showing you my erect penis.

I would definitely suggest more of these games, if they are not that much trouble to make.
Great idea and I should get back to playing.
Thanks a lot for sharing this.

waste of time

beside the afford to do this game - the game idea is non-optimal!
looking for a 10 or 20 pixel object within a picture of millions of pixel is a waste of time, imo.
You should give at least some hints in a kind of "mission description" or something else.


The menu and things work... but as soon I start the game a big chunk of programming in a white box blocks everything

Is this a local map game version of where is waldo

For the most part I didnt even find anyone but I know what your trying to do and for what I could say, its a worthless idea. Even if people are even in this game the only thing you did is google images and put the people somewhere in the map. So if you would tell me how long it took you to do this. Im gonna guess within the range of 5 to 20 minutes. Did you even draw anything. I see no effort in this game so therfore I give it a 0 because it isnt worthy for a 1.

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Mar 18, 2010
10:13 PM EDT
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