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Author Comments

Hypno8 is a psychodelic game. The rules are simple: follow the spiral with mouse cursor and click as much as possible to earn the top score.

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Man, I liked this game, I tink it's pretty cool and simple to play, and, it is so addictive thst i can't stop playing!! Idon't know if it's because I have nothing to do or it's because I'm turning into a hypnotized freaking zombie!

The game was pretty easy, the only hard thing is that I'm playing it in a netbook, and i don't have a mouse, and it's fairly hard to click and point in that black hole... I know you can't fix this, but, it's just a short commentary.

The background was cool, but it got boring fast, so, you could variate more, it would be nice to see and nice to play it... But, anyways, you did a very nice job, man, keep it up, you have potential!!

(Review Request Club)

Simple yet addictive

I don't know what it is, but this game is highly addictive. Maybe it's because it's so hypnotic. ^^

Anyway, the gameplay is really simple, but somehow it's a lot of fun to play this game. All the distractions work really well while you are trying to focus on the spiral, which is indeed really hard to focus on.

However, I think you should do more with the game. It seems to be the same over and over again, while only the speed increases. I think you should give different paths that the player has to follow, as well as more and more distractions with every level, so that it becomes a real challenge to play this game.

{ Review Request Club }

Review Request Club

Simple game. Maddeningly addictive.
However, I think after the first few levels the game gets a little too simple; given the basic nature of the game, there's a definite scope for MASSIVE expansion.

One way would be increasing the distraction of the background; maybe changing the colours randomly, changing the visual illusion that makes up the background, even have random things moving from side to side in the background...because what you have to do to play is so "simple"...you can have a lot of fun trying to distract people.
Another would be increasing the difficulty level...you've got this simple loop to start with, and it doesn't seem to change; as the game progresses, you could maybe change the pattern people have to follow. Like, every five levels change the path, just to keep the game a little fresher.

The game lagged a tiny bit for me, but that's probably because I have several thousand tabs open, ahaha xD. But yeah, having some kind of quality button would be nice, just to make sure that doesn't become a problem.

Really great game; lots of room to expand this into something a lot bigger and more complex, but it's still addictive as it is, so kudos for that. Not much is addicting at 4:30 am, I'll tell you that much :P

-Review Request Club

Basic premise with excellent execution....


I must say I am impressed with the way the game was designed.
I like the simple pick up and play nature of the game, the difficulty steadily increased, and was balanced.

My main criticism would be the gameplay gets old fast, maybe you could try a to include more levels, with different motion paths and stuff, to keep it interesting.

Although not a huge issue, a story would also add to the play factor.
It's a well made game, it just gets boring after a while.

- Celx

Pretty good :).

A simple concept, yet pretty addictive and fun to play, still. Has its advantages and disadvantages, maybe the most obvious of the disadvantages is that there's so little to do, just click on a spiral as you follow it through a pattern of '8'.

The graphics were good. A little simple, but the fact that you added so many things to make you get distracted from the actual game gave a bigger challenge than just following a spiral and clicking it. Not really much to do to improve the graphics here ^^. The animation was smooth, although maybe you could add a 'Quality' button, since at times the game may lag. Sure you can just right-click and change the quality, but that won't work when you have to keep your mouse in the spiral.

The concept is quite original, which boost your score a little. As for the gameplay, there isn't really much I can complain about. What I would complain about is the lack of different things to do in this game. The aim is simple: click on a spiral and follow it until it becomes too fast for you to follow and you lose inevitably. While this game may be addictive at first, I won't want to come back to it and play it again, since it lacks depth.

To spice it up a bit, I liked Kirbyfemur's idea of making the background more distracting as you go along, so maybe you could try that out. Possibly add more than one spiral which have different paths and when they touch each other you have to swiftly move to the next spiral since the original spiral was disappearing or something like that. Change the spiral path too, having an '8' makes it too predictable. Things like this can really add to your game.

The audio was fine. Music was alright, and I liked that it changed speed, although the fact that later on it moved back to a slow speed even though you were in a harder level was a bit anti-climatic. Other than that, not really much to complain about with the audio.

This is a simple game, fun to play for a while, although lacks depth. Sure it's simple and fun, but can get boring, so I'd suggest making it more complicated with more to do than just click and follow. Still, keep up the good work :).

-Review Request Club-

Credits & Info

2.89 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2010
7:35 AM EDT