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Spaze Invaderz

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Spaze Invaderz is a new version of the classic Taito game "Space Invaders". It's a challenging game that rewards fast reflexes and you will soon build up the best strategy to get rid of the aliens. This games features original graphics and in addition to the new standard graphics mode, the game features a retro mode where the colors emulate the sequel of the original SI game. You will be able submit your score to the online board to see how you fare against other players.

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Its alright

The game is alright and plays ok, not too glichi for the amount of stuff is in there and i like this style gives it abit something else, some other versions would be nice to have in there.

Add some other versions in there so that its not just the one or whatnot but it gives more variaty to the user playing the game

A fun classic game with a new twist


TechVision responds:

Thank you XwaynecoltX. Maybe in an updated version more modes will made.


The Retro mode is too fluid, if you want to include the original version, at least do it proprely.

But apart from that, its a classic, therefore it can't be original. At least it works well.

TechVision responds:

Thanks jonnyrules935. With the Retro mode the intention was to create a retro mode graphically only. It's just another skin basically.

I like it, but...

I like the feel of the game.
It has a problem on Mac tho. Here it's not the CTRL key, but the CMD key that fires. And if you try to fire while moving, the controls are acting up.

TechVision responds:

Oh. Actually you can also fire with Shift (and make selections in the menus). Does that solve the problem?


the game has the same feel as the original but smoother, good job i liked it

TechVision responds:

Thank you. Much appreciated.