Adventures of Scribble

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EPISODE 1: "Origin"

Well this one is short, but its the first episode in a series I might make.
This episode shows the origin of my new character SCRIBBLES.

If you all give me me good feed back and good scores i will make more, longer episodes.

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Back to the drawing board for you.

Nice attempt, but you really needed some kind of story. The movie ended just as it had piqued my interest. I would suggest adding more to this, having the Scribble character actually do something even IF you only meant it as a trailer. You need something to hook us, and a Scribble jumping out of a notebook isn't enough. The concept is entertaining though.

Also, don't beg for ratings. It isn't going to help your cause.

Im not even going to write a review

Ill just laugh at ur pathetic attempt!!

I really wanted to vote higher but couldn't!...

the lack of a proper loading screen (that displays how the download is progressing) can be forgiven... it's fairly tricky to learn how... but the problem lies in that the download was huge! the whole file was the music! to be honest i'm suprised newgrounds let you post this as the instructions on sound comresion are (or atleast were... i havn't looked in a while) clear... if you don't compress, you don't post!... 4.07mb for that is blatently not compressed. incase you don't know how... press ctrl+L to bring up the library then right click on the music file and look in the properties... uncheck the "use default blah blah" and use lower quality music to DRASTICALLY reduce the file size! hope I helped :D
ps. that's the only reason you got 0 for sound :(



That filesize was too big!

you need to compress that music or have it shorter and gon in a loop! If wanted to listen to music I would, But I wanted to see flash! that movie would have downloaded in two seconds without all that music!

work on that

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3.40 / 5.00

May 29, 2002
7:15 PM EDT
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