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Iamgrimreaper's "eWeed"

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Author Comments

This project is dead. I scrapped it, and the server is no longer running.
Well, I finally updated that smoke.... Now it wont follow the joint. In other news, my NG chat's out.
I'm working on an update RIGHT NOW. Another thing: I'm working on a new and improved NG Chat.
So, I know some of you remember that "smoke eWeed" application I made a long time ago (along with drink eBeer, and an unreleased eat ePizza)... Well, I tore the HTML version down and created this flash version here. But for those of you who don't know, this is an application which allows multiple people on different parts of the world smoke one joint. Once you take a puff, your name will be added to the list. There's a little bit of delay, but still... This is just a simple little application that shows what I can do with Flash and PHP... Send me ideas for online games and apps if you like. If I like the idea, then I'll use it.

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Would have been awesome

If I could Smoked it mannnn :::cough:::

Failed to load joint

can you fix this problem?



Failed to Load Joint Data

I won't vote because there is clearly some error on my side of things.

If it helps you out at all, I'm using Google Chrome and have the latest Flash player installed.

Best of luck with future projects! Hope my input helps in some way..

iamgrimreaper responds:

Hmmm.. Maybe it's a problem with google chrome. But thanks anyways. Be sure to check out my NG Chat coming soon.


I got E-Stoned.

A lot better than the real stuff.

iamgrimreaper responds:

Now, I wouldn't say it's better... But thanks for the good score!