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My first flash game(and submission). Just a simple game, with a few Bosses.

Criticisms are welcomed, constructive being the most appreciated.

Controlled entirely by mouse(See instructions in game).
Rapidly left click bosses until they are destroyed.
Game ends at Score:1000.


Great game!!

Criativity is everything!
Simple but cool.^^
Good work.


I liked it a bit. You should make backgrounds, rework the gameplay, but anyway keep going. By the way, music was perfect for this game. Thanks for game.

Not Bad

Seriously for your first game this is quite good, you got potential keep at it =3

JimmyCxD responds:

Thanks :)

Nice consept, Bad game.

Well, it's got a cool concept. The idea of the game looked cool but the overall graphics, game play and sound aren't very good. Maybe if you got somebody to help you out with graphics, and replace the current music with something a bit more energetic and fun to listen to.

Abstract indeed...

Wasn't bad, I take it it was more of a test of your own skills.
You could have used different shapes instead of simply different colors for different 'enemies'.
The bosses, were okay, not too hard or fast, but you could hit multiple 'enemies' (boss included) by clicking while they are stacked on top of each other.
Also we have no animation to know if we are hitting bosses, although the one with 'horns' can be hurt while clicking outside of his graphics, but inside of his 'square hit box' if you see what I mean.
And another thing, 'enemies' aren't really hitting anything once they reach the bottom; makes the definition of 'life' kinda vague, and they also hurt the player and disappear when the middle of their frame hits the bottom of the screen, instead of disappearing at the moment they touch the bottom.
Keep at it, it could become an interesting 'Defense' game eventually.

JimmyCxD responds:

Thanks, my knowledge of flash is sort of limited(only been at it for about a week or 2). I might update it, and I'll be sure to look at the things you've mentioned.

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2.21 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2010
12:51 AM EST
Action - Other