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Waspy the fruit liberator

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This is my second game. Trying to test out a new game and graphics engine that I am making. Still need to make a few improvements to the engine but it works alright at the moment. The particle effects when a bug dies are all randomly generated. Flash is actually able to do a lot now. Think I will start working on a new game in a few days. Not sure what yet, simple but fun seems to be the way to go with flash games.

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Simple but its ok

Well this is simple but i was amused and entertained, the fly thing was ok it was not much challanging, i would like to suggest some other options to improve but even then this is more like a fun thing to just mess with

Suggestions to improve. Make it more challanging with lots to kill and much more to do and much more activity is needed



The gameplay is the same. The controls are sloppy, and you can't control the wasp well at all. This game needs arrow key controlled movement and aiming instead of slow turning, fast moving, and mediocre aiming and shooting. I admire the random particle effects when you kill a bug, though. It's the only cool thing in this game. A lot of work needs to be done in order for this to be a good game... 6/10 for effort, and 2/5..


how do you hit the enemies without getting hit yourself?


For your second game, it could be a lot worse. I'm liking the graphics engine; with a bit more imagination, you could create some pretty interesting stuff. As it stands, it's a bit bland. Try using more vibrant colours. The particles look nice. :]

The game's a little unpolished, and, to be frank, leaves the player with little reason to keep playing. Give it some music in the background to break up the silence and buzzing between fruit. Looking forward to seeing your progress as you get better. 3/5, 7/10