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Green Frogs Can Jump 5 Points

Finish level 5

1up! 10 Points

Finish level 14

Skilled Jumper 10 Points

Finish level 10

Flock Rider 25 Points

Finish level 18

Timing is Everything 25 Points

Finish level 21

Almost Famous 50 Points

Finish level 27

Hanging by a Pixel 50 Points

Finish level 24

Impossible is Nothing 50 Points

Complete the game

30 Lives 100 Points

Complete the game with less than 30 deaths

The Next Videogame Star 100 Points

Complete the game with less than 10 deaths

Author Comments

- Earn Newgrounds Medals!
- Game pauses before you can start the next level

UPDATE 2! (You should see ver 1.2 now below the title)
- Collision when jumping up is better.
- The Next Videogame Star Medal is working perfectly, your save points will still work with this new version
- Enemies and Parker Frog pause at the end of each level, no more unnecessary deaths for the poor frog

Many thanks to Tom for the Medals and frontpage!

A new challenging platform game with no frills! Do hop and bop combos, do vertical bypass jumps, lip jumps and more! All platform gaming skills are needed to survive this puzzling hop and bop game. Beat all thirty (30) levels and see how Parker Frog fares in the Video Game Industry.

Inspired by Kaizo Mario, toned down and balanced. Please rate and comment!



1- There's a full run on Youtube that can be seen in tandem with the game.
2- You can pause the game, infact, the game pauses after you beat a level. Use that with #1 to plan ahead the next level and minimize casualties, mainly on those levels that require you to run for a hawk bump.
3- Awarding the <10 deaths medal automatically awards the <30 deaths medal AND the game completion medal, so go for it.
4- PERSEVERE! Even with walkthrough support, you'll have to master the ledge mechanics: You can walk quite far from them. This will help a LOT on long jumps.

Don't expect to beat the game with 0 death, that's all. I did it with 9 deaths so I can't say for sure if 10 deaths are acceptable. 11 sure ain't so reset if you get it.

this is fun if you're a hardcore gamer, but I couldn't get pass level 19
stupid hit detection, awkward jump arc, its just 2/5 for me.

Damn that was hard. stage 20 sucks. also level 25 sucks even more. and I give up on 26. fk thats hard.

Stage 15, so fucking hard why the fuck would you do that and
don't say because America

I've have never motherfucking sweared so fucking goddamn much you ass ass ass asshole ahhhhhhhhhh.......
I love this game thank you

This is a good game and all but a little bit too hard.
The physics work fine. Just that the frog takes more space while jumping than sitting.
The story is good.
Those big pixels while going to the next level were in the way. Sometimes I need to be fast.
I have to dissappoint you keybol because there is a way to cheat. It is to refresh the page when dying and continue. That death is not going to count.
Sorry for cheating but I really wanted that medal :(.

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Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2010
1:41 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop