Combat Tanks

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Oversee a fleet of tanks, using your military judgement and combat awareness to guide them through six dangerous missions. Will the decisions you take lead to glorious victory or ignominious defeat?

Hope you enjoy the game - we welcome any reviews and respond to all of them.

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Liked it

I liked it.But it could use more choices, a little more interactive maybe.

pretty good

i like the game i dont care about the stats of the tanks but you could have worked a litle harder on the game but comander117 misspelled alot of words in his review lol

i agree with kain

except since i beeing a millitary man knowing all your stats are wrong on all of the tank give you no stars because this gamn is a load of crap i mean come on at leat have the decency to do some research on this kinda stuff before you even try to script it jeez

Game? No no, you are mistaken.

Clearly the 'author' misclassified this, a game? No way in hell is this a game, I've seen movies that were more interactive than this. And you can say whatever you want "Tamba" but I've been playing games for over 20 years, I have more than enough experience to know a game when I see one. Intriguing? Quite so, boring? Unequivocally. Please, think harder about what it is you're releasing -BEFORE- you classify it as something it honestly just isn't. Now, for the 'review' *coughs*. This 'game' clearly leaves a great deal to be desired..Interactivity? You're more likely to interact with a toaster than this game. The graphics are good but that's to be expected from something that's essentially a movie with one clickable button. The music was not really noticeable therefore I would give it a mid-level rating considering it wasn't irritating either. The story line..What story line? There wasn't one as far as I could tell, you're given no background as to -WHO- you were playing as, although it's apparently assumed you're a general of some sort. Yes the 'missions' had a slight story to it but not enough to really pull someone in to it. Replayability..Not really, unless you're a hard-core war fanatic that lives on this stuff I doubt most people would give this a second glance. While yes it was interesting to see your take on the stats of the tank I can't help but think you're not exactly an authority on them. In any event this 'game' as you labeled it clearly isn't much of one. If you continue please try to think harder about what it is you want to do, because this seems as though it was only half thought out before being released. Totals: 1/5 - 1/10.


It is really rare when I have a chance to use A from history I got in high school. Congrats for fresh non shooter game but darn awesome for every military fun. Though I think only weapons look cool not using and victims

willcheng responds:

Thanks very much. Really glad you enjoyed it and understood where we were going with it.

Credits & Info

2.63 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2010
1:56 PM EST
Strategy - Other