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Genius Test 6

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Author Comments

This is number 6 in the series. In this edition I have returned to only logical questioning.

Remember you can miss 3 times and then you have to start over.

Good Luck,
Michael G.

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sheep: they barely know their alive

in responce to galganush, they paid 30 dollars and were given back 3, so its like they paid 27

money path: paid 30 dollars, so hotel has 30
gave 5 to bellhop so hotel has 25, bell has 5
bell pocketed 2, and gave 3 to people therefore

people have 3
bell has 2
hotel has 25

pretty good

half of them are male, and so are the other half, that's the point. The order of operations one did bother me a little bit though, since this is about logic, not math skills. That's the only one I actually got wrong (I'm used to seeing parentheses). The dog one was great though, I only got it right by luck.

some good some bad

Ok the game was fun, I caught on to some old tricks like count the f's and if you have how many sand piles and you put them together how many do you have together...that kind of stuff. But there was one question that pissed me off, not because it was hard but because it was wrong.

The question stating how a family has 5 kids, and of those 5 kids HALF are male. Now you say that all are male because you cant have 2.5 male boys but if you go logically then the whole question is moot. I mean you cant have 2.5 thats correct so then the whole question is false, you dont just then assume that they all are male then. there is no evidence to lead you to that road, so I say the question is just poorly written.

All in all though it was fun I am not gunna lie and the which cheese is made backwards actually got me for a click and I was like....dang! haha nice!

Fun Game!

I found the game itself to be challenging and fun, and the prizes made me feel like at least I had accomplished something in the 20 minutes I wasted, right? :/
The last riddle messed with my head. What I figured is, if the 3 guys paid the $25 fee, and each got back a dollar, that equals $28. The other $2 held by the bellboy equals $30. You sly bastard.


ok it was prety good except the cigar one thts stuped and makes no since if u can explain it ot me go for it

atticuslodius responds:

It takes 5 butts to make 1 cigar.
(5 butts = 1 cigar)

After smoking 1 cigar it will yield 1 butt, because you cannot completely smoke a cigar.
(1 smoked cigar = 1 butt)

If you have 25 butts you can make 5 cigars.
(25 butts = 5 cigars)

After he smokes these 5 cigars he will have 1 butt for each cigar.
(5 smoked cigars = 5 butts)

Now he has 5 more butts to make 1 more cigar. Add the 5 he previouslly smoked and now you have a grand total of 6 cigars and 1 butt left over.

Credits & Info

2.57 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2010
7:55 AM EST