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This is a little bit more of quick draw rangers 2, obviously a bit of an improvement

this is not eve close to the full game, and it only being submitted to show potential gameplay and art

comments? enjoy!


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great work!

keep it up brother, i can't wait till the next one.

Tedious, boring, and with glitchy keys

You've got something to work with here, but it's devoid of any interesting bits. Since your goal seems to be to show gameplay, I'll focus my comments on that; the gameplay is glitchy and boring! I found that often I couldn't crouch until I fired my gun again; this pretty much ruined my defensive strategy, and was a big turn off. Also, the characters didn't respond to being hit; I needed to keep an eye on the heart counters to know if I was even making a hit. In my opinion this game needs smoother key responses, more realistic animations (including damage done by bullets), and some element to engage the players, such as a leveling up system, upgrades and/or a story mode. I appreciate the preview, but what's the point in sharing something as barebones as this? Good luck turning it into something worth playing.

BoredomNation responds:

hey I understand completely where you're coming from and I thank you for all the tips.
I'm not sure what you mean by "fire your gun again until you crouch", I haven't encountered that glitch
I do see what you mean with most of your suggestions, and I actually already had many of them in mind. You can use all guns now... because why wouldn't I let you try them all out? in game you will need to buy bigger and badder guns
there may also be customization, but I may decide to keep the character as he was in the original QDR instead
thanks for the review, but you need to understand that this is bare bones because thats exactly what its meant to be...
and why the f*ck are you expecting a story in such an early release anyway?

"Addicting and fun."

I will first start off by saying, I'm really glad the way the this version of QuickDrawRangers turned out. I already liked the first one, with all the gun options, sounds effects and such, but you only improved it even more; making it an even better playing experience then what it already was! Plus, having comments saying that it's not even close to what we can expect in the full version, makes me just plain excited.

The character desgin was good, the animation/tweens were really good, and the sound effects of the gun shots, reloading, etc, was perfect. Also, the fact you added the option to face an opponent, with different difficulties; made the game just that much more enjoyable.

Above all great work and improvements, and I cannot wait until the full version comes out!

A 5/5 and 9/10. You earned it.

BoredomNation responds:

wow thanks a lot
this is far FARRRRR from where it will be at, and I'm surprised anyone likes it as much as you, haha. Thanks a bunch
You can expect a number of things in upcoming additions, such as more enemies (duh) an actual story (duh) the ability to buy new guns, classic mode (which will be like the original QDR) a random enemy generator, maybe character customization, and I can't event begin to write what else.
Although I do appreciate the support, any helpful tips you have?