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Ultimate AS2 Tutorial

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It does have a preloader. But if all you get is a white screen, just wait for it to load. It is 8.8mb after all.

Hi. This tutorial is intended for beginners who are looking to dive into flash and actionscript and start making their first game. However experienced programmers may still learn a thing or two.

So please take time to rate and review.

I know the file size is large because of the music but I tried to make it as small as possible without making the sound quality bad. You don't want that! Do you?

If you find any bugs, spelling errors or broken links. Please send me a private message and I'll fix them ASAP.

If it doesn't load don't leave a bad review. try it in a different browser because thats the most common problem. That your browser won't load the game. I don't know why? :p


Enjoy :D

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I did NOT find this very helpful at all! You assume to much and the code boxes are much to small! its and 0 for me.

Awesome tutorial! I plan to use this to help me out with my new game. Not sure if it'll be a platformer or shooter, but I'll definitely add this to the credits! Great work and thanks for taking the time to make this!

i liked it

it had a brief and good summary of all wat i needed thank you

Solid tutorial

I liked the bit on hierarchy's, I could never figure out how to connect things from within a movie clip to the main stage and this is the only tutorial Ive ever seen that talks about it. So for that good job and I tried to recommend it to the tutorial section but i couldn't but i had trouble finding it out of all the collections.

Adamki11s responds:

Don't worry. And thank you :D. I don't think that many people who reviewed appreciated the work I put into this but you clearly do. Thanks :D

It was ok

it was good but you really need to explain the code more rather than just giving people something to copy.

Adamki11s responds:

I did explain a lot of the code. What sections are you talking about?