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I've had this one baking on flash game license for the past week but haven't gotten any bids so..... BAM FLIXEL FEBRUARY!!@!@!@!@!@! (one one one)

I may improve it later on with LASERS coming out the egg, but I'm still debating it.


ORGASM = More sperm spawners
SPEED INCREASE = Faster sperms
SPERMICIDE = You successfully stopped the impregnation
DANGER = 1 second until you are a (father) or (mother)

Note: Using the Flixel Newgrounds API Preloader, but it doesn't look like it comes up with anything?

Also! Some guy bitched that the game was too easy so now its all about score, try and last as long as you can and avoid "getting preggorz" if you last 180 seconds!

Last Update: (I promise)

Reduced the volume of speed increase!

Okay I lied about last update:

NEW FEATURE INC - HIGH SCORE TABLE - share your spermicide with your friends!

I should have this up by friday so for now practice destroying spermz.

Fixed the pause bug.

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does the color actually change

to hard

this guy must have dick probs to cum that quick plus well in real life only about 7 if that out of 600mil sperm actually make it to the egg


There's absolutely no visual effects. The "semen" you kill could be affected by anything.


this is what happens if you dont use a condom!

A unique and bizarre defense shoot-em-up!

This is an impressive unique shoot-em-up Flash game! This game revolves around a very unconventional theme for a shoot-em-up game: sexual intercourse! Yet this game takes such themes into account and uses them as gameplay elements.

The idea of a shoot-em-up game in which you have to destroy sperm to prevent them from reaching the fertile egg for as long as possible sounds really bizarre, but it actually works!

I also really like how this game is graphically presented. It effectively uses pixelated graphics and its content is not too suggestive!

To summarize, a truly unique defense shoot-em-up Flash game that revolves around unusual themes! Very well done!

Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2010
3:06 AM EST