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bubble bomber

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Author Comments


This simple game allows you to run for your life and avoid bombs that are falling from the sky. Touch one of those and your health bar will be reduiced a bit. You can customise your bubble (color and gun) for fun. Discover the 4 level of difficulty from easy to extreme and try to get the highest score possible by shooting (250 POINT) or avoiding (MORE TIME = MORE POINTS) at the bombs. When you will die, you will get a rank on 5 stars for the game you just play and on the board during the game, you can see your health and the stars won. SUBSCRIBE YOUR SCORE TO SHOW THAT YOU ARE THE BEST!!!


move: W,A,S,D
fire: MOUSE

Enjoy and post your comment for improvements or bugs and don't forget that I m only a little boy that do games for fun with no experience at all so be nice in the comments plzzzz.

-stars ranking
-stars ranking in the board during the game
-more usefull camera
-circle that delay the play again button
-making the game harder
-vision affected when almost dead
-instructions more visible/complete
-toggle guality
-rainbow color bubble

-3-4 new maps
-new enemies
-guns with different stats


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Easy points glitch needs to be fixed!

Press Tab + Enter and the bombs don't explode, but if you see your score, it goes up extremely fast, but it still needs to be fixed.

A Line of Fire would be good...

If you have to click directly on the bombs every time, what's the point in having a gun?

Really needs improvement

This game could use a lot of work. A major thing is the total lack of instructions in the game, although you did put them in your comments for the game, it would also make sense to put them in the game, by using a button in the menu with the difficulty to show instructions (controls, purpose, scoring). Another is that all the guns do the same thing except they have different sounds. You should make the handgun fire semi-auto and be fairly accurate, the shotgun fire slowly, and have spread fire, and the assault rifle fire quickly, or burst fire with medium or degrading accuracy. Also the level as a whole was pointless. Moving added no benefit, and sometimes made it harder. Also your score indicator was to the left of the starting spot, so you could not see it without going to that spot and never moving. Also in your description you said "bombs" but the image used is of a bowling ball. Another problem is that the way the score is kept is not really clear at first (time only or kills + time). Also the way you have set up the shooting is point-and-click so the only way to hit bombs is to directly click them. Perhaps make it so that when you click the shot goes from the end of the gun towards the mouse pointer, stopping when it hits an bomb or the ground.

Meh, not bad

Could use some extra variety- maybe some more levels or environments, perhaps. Also, it would help the gameplay if the guns actually shot bullets that you could point instead of having to click directly on the falling bombs.


Its a fair game. I little slow paced though.

Credits & Info

1.27 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2010
10:07 PM EST