Adventures of Perry

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I'm sorry.

We'll do better next time.


Made by Brendan and Caleb. and kind of riley.


Leave a review please, it's our first time submitting. =D

Sorry if you're offended! we're not racist or anything, we're just weird.



Dude this is absolutly fantastic, i love it, i can play it all day

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At first, I thought this was an horrible attempt at some crappy stupid lame game.

Then I saw Colonel Sanders, and I couldn't stop laughing until the end of the game.

Well done. Looking forward to play the sequel, lol.


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wellfary63 responds:

lol thanks yea the start sucks but then gets pretty good

Not that finished?

1st star for the 2nd alternative at the start, "2. Or cancel the mission" which lead to replay screen? Random?

2nd star will be given for some of the animation done(though I would have prefered more energy put into the car/maincharacter)

3rd star for the giraa... ehm "Car was"

On the downside I felt like some parts where not finished and made me really confused... stuff showing for like just a second and then to have nothing to do with anything? :S maybe that's the point or maybe I'm missing something. But it really felt like some parts where left unfinished.

I have a awkward feeling about the humor in there and I hope there was not meant to be any racist/hate speeches in there :S

Also apologizing in the author's comment made me kind of skeptic, at the beginning.

room for improvement.

Almost keep me interested

I wasn't sur, because que the drawing and the story. Well, rolling over people that burns in fire... Enhen.

But a admit i just volontary did the wrong choice to start again to test the diffrent choices.

Advices: Slow down your animation. You should take care to let enough time to people to read what's written. Also, put some music; it's always more catchy. Finaly, work on you're pictures. The fire's nice, but the car... not so much.


Surprisingly, I liked it...
Thank you god for the check points...lol
It definitedly had me guessing...and surprised...
looking forward to the continuation!

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wellfary63 responds:

Thanks :D

and yea if we left out the check point this game would be
such a pain

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2.85 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2010
10:59 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click