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Sorry for the random stage select, for some reason the script I have in there is doing what ever the fuck it wants.

-Drag the screen around to see everything.
-Press and hold Left/Right then click an item to rotate it.
-Press and hold Insert to flip an item to flip it.
-Press and hold Home to flip an item to flip it back.

Thanks for all the support everybody. ^^

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Hmmm... Yes

my scene https://gyazo.com/c81c5da7153b90490488151749870d9f (what happens: hank becomes evil and kills deimos and then hank fights sanford)


In My Scene Sanford died and deimos is alive :V

Chuthulu Hanks adventures: Part 1-
Hank is walking down somewhere in Nevada with his friends until he sees some enemies. Then, he meets Parallel Enemies. The enemies keep on attacking until they get the red halo thing. The big guy then steals the red halo and bursts out the attack, straight into the building to have peoples heads 4 dinners. 2 of the Parallel Enemies sneak up on Jose and try to kill him, but Jose instantly KILLS them back. Hank and his friend (Why? Because Hulu went into the building) went into the building and, everyone's heads were gone, So they continued. Hulu teleported his friends to the final stage and, the leader of the Parallel Enemies was sitting on the throne. Cell None giggled and started fighting them. But, Due to that Cell None has cancer, he instantly died. Then the base was starting to be a nuclear wasteland, so the friends escaped VERY quickly and, in an instant, the WHOLE base and EVERYTHING around them turned into dust. Hank and his friends ALMOST turned into dust, but then they did the same thing when they were in the base. Every bad guy base in Nevada disappeared. The friends returned to their normal form. The end.

Hank: That WAS a long day, right Jose? Jose: I think I had! Wha- Fanny Wammy (Short guy)- Well well well, look at the people who want to play a game? Hank: F**k! Cell None: That´s what you cam for, now, ATTACK! Hank (Thinking): This might be easy. Suit guy 1: NOOOOOO! NOT THE KATANA! Suit guy 2: I WILL REMEMBER U! Jose: That was VERY easy! Mutator: Hey Fanny Wammy, let us TRY to kill Jose! Fanny Wammy: I guess... Jose: Oooooooo Busted! Hulu: Alright, I think I could be sneaky and go into the base. That will be easy! People: OH NO! IT´S THE HEAD EATER!!!!! Hulu: come and get it! (After a long time eating heads and walking room 2 room, Hulu finally meets Cell None) Cell None: We meet again! How long of a journey did you- (Talk is interrupted by the teleporting.) Hank: Thank you H- Cell None: Well, NOT the triple, Eh? How long can you say this? Jose: Me Scammeria Pan In To La Reena Cell None: NOOOOOO! THATS THE PHRASE- (Cell None dies due to cancer) Hank: Come on. Let's go. It´s turning into a Nuclear Wasteland. (After the escape) Hulu: That was one of the easiest things I had ever experienced! Hank: Let's turn into our original forms. (Everyone turns into their original forms. Whats ALSO happening is that every bad guy base in Nevada is disappearing). Jose: Guys... Hank And Hulu: What, Jose? Jose: We got more trouble up ahead... Hulu: SHIT.
To be continued.
And that's the story and the dialogue. THIS IS THE BEST MADNESS SCENE CREATOR YET! Please follow me and like this game. I do support the creators of games.

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Feb 22, 2010
2:43 AM EST
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