Sperm Runner (not porn)

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This is a science project 4 school, we are learning about sexual reproduction in biological diversity, and 4 the last time, ITS NOT PORN. And i fixed my little glitch from my previous version


Could use some improvement.

Imma give this a 5, as you have a good base for a game. This could use a bit of an improvement though. It is relatively slow paced and a bit boring. One other thing is that i think it could use is a quick how to or something along those lines. It doesn't have to be much, even a "Use the arrow keys to swim forward" before you go into the gameplay type of thing. For this to be a good game, you need to add more to it though. Maybe cut it in half and use it as an intro for a later game or something. Standing alone though, there is not nearly enough to it. Just my opinion.

I did it!

Yeah I made it to the egg just in time
What are the others saying about the same ending? It seems to work for me

Could have more bio

You should show the sperm's flagellum breaking off as it enters the egg. It's for that reason, all our mitochondria come from our mothers.

::I am full of knowledge:: ;-)

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LOL nice music :D

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RA1S0R responds:

tetris ftw

Good job

Pretty fun for "not porn".

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Feb 21, 2010
9:10 PM EST
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