B&G show - global warning

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Brendon fails in teaching Gerrard about Global Warming


This is just some short cartoon I made for Brendon's chemistry project in school.

A new Brendon and Gerrard Show is coming soon, its real funny so far, so the critics say



It was VERY short to say the least. In total it looks like a cheap rip off of southpark humor and animations. When animating it pays off to make more than one scene.

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This is not funny. Period.

To the idiot who said this was "educational!!!!!!!!", they weren't being educational, dumbass. Even educational crap can be funnier than this.

A guy farts and kills someone. *Wow*! Oh my God! You don't score big on creativity. At all. Or humor. In fact, you should be shot on sight. This Flash sucks, period.


Wow this movie is so gooooorrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy and so ffffffuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
........................................................... .....not!!!!! don't you realise that newgrounds is suppose to be fun and badass not educational!!!!!!


This movie just plain sucked ... It was a waste of my time watching it and a waste of your time making it ... no humor, no nothing.

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Booooooring *Yawn* !!!

This piece of crap shout be blammed straight away.. This is a movie what ruines my time. It sucks! The autor of this one was just bored and made this movie in 5 minutes, 5 extra minutes for making the sounds, and 5 minutes for uploading to newgrounds.

This one is definitely a TIMEWASTER!

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3.09 / 5.00

May 26, 2002
3:42 PM EDT
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