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Avoid obstacles and collect points in this game! Blue for obstacles, yellow and green for points and purple for power ups!

Use the arrow keys to move. If you go off the edge, you'll re-appear on the opposite side, a bit like Asteroids.


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that was fun

the controls were hard to get used to and the music gets repeatidive after a while but still fun, just add a mute button please

Simple and Fun

fOR what It WAs suppose TO bE, iT wAs fUn.

it was fun but...

it has no real aim to it
you just colect stuff then die pretty much, what you need is some sort of big other ship that trys hit you after you dodge all the asteroids, y-know, like a boss or somethin, but good game well animated 7 from me.


This is a bit challenging the first few times. It's rather addicting and i'm almost unable to stop playing. You get 8 stars from me :)


although i didnt fully get the concept but can you change the music