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Station 38

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You've been sent to investigate an SOS from... Station 38!

This is my take on the classic lunar lander game.

Click anywhere and drag to control your jump direction and strength, then release to jump. You can jump multiple times in the air while you've still got fuel.

Your fuel (blue bar) is depleted by each jump, and recharges when you land on solid ground.

Your hull strength (red bar) is depleted when you impact a surface too quickly, so be careful.

'P' pauses, 'R' restarts a zone, and 'Q' quits to the main menu.

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Fun, but not fun enough

This is hard to explain, but possibly making the aiming system more smooth would rise my score to an 8, but all around it's a fun game.

liked it

nice & simple :)

Good game, or whatever.

But are you TRYING to get me to wear a hole through my "R" key just to master ever stage?!

Very good

In my opinion, the end scene was worth it. Of course, the levels did get exceedingly difficult later on. The graphics were great, and the music was good since it fits the atmosphere of the game quite well. The control was unique and fun. All in all, a good game.

It is posible!

Please stop arguing above the imposibility of master of levels, it is posible, althought the end scene doesn't reward all the effort.

Good game, with a good physic, and a good sense of control.

Good job