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Aquatic Domination

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Author Comments

this was made over the last 4 or 5 days, I started learning actionscript about 2 weeks ago, so I deicded to port a game I made in java over to flash as my first project after making a pong clone. Hope you guys like it, would love constructive criticism or any bugs found.

the instructions are in-game, but I might as well put them here too.

eat smaller fish by running into them, and avoid running into the larger ones

use arrow keys to navigate your fish

space to pause

white fish slow down time for five seconds when you eat them

the difficulties are as follows: pond = 5 fish on screen, lake = 8 fish on screen, ocean = 11 fish on screen

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Pretty fun

My only problem is how long it takes at the beginning to finally get big enough to eat things, maybe make the percentage of small fish higher in the beginning and lower once you hit a certain score? I don't know how easy that would be.

I do however like the powerups, the music, and the scene at the end. This game is pretty addicting, even if I die when I'm big, I want to play it again to try to get all the way to the end.

The graphics are fine, it's easy to tell which fish is which, and which are powerups or just regular. If you want more detailed, cool, but I don't think this game needs it because the graphics and music fit well as is.


And this game as alot of them. Im also listing some things you can add to make it better so its not just me complaining.
1.) The fish actuly dont get bigger as you eat them. On all the diffuculties i went on it started with HUGE fish and it was a easter egg hunt just to find ones you can actuly eat
2.) Bad grammer in the game. Its "Fish Eaten" Not "Fish Ated" (Because of careless grammer it nocked it down alot of stars)
3.) no music (which is anoying realy cause you got this game where im just swimming around looking for a fish to eat and theres no music to past the time)
4.) Bad Graphics. By graphics i mean the art actuly. Try to be more creative and instead of just colors add different types of fish or different species. SOMETHING to make the game more creative.
5.) More game play. Be creative and add some things into it. Like special fish food, powerup things, Anything realy.

Well i think thats enough for now. Hope this helps! And realy work on your grammer. When i saw that "Ated" thing i almost just hit 0 right away.

rculpzors responds:

spelling is spelling, not grammar, and it was intentional. there is music fyi. perhaps turn on your speakers?


Worst game ever.
I ate 30 fish, suddenly touched a bigger one and immediatly im at zero again. WTF?
This is frustrating.

Umm.. really average

quite an average game. low presentation and relatively repetitive


The correct way to make a game like this: your fish should grow bigger as he eats fish.

rculpzors responds:

it does, did you actually play the game? informed reviews would be preferred. :)

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2010
12:05 AM EST