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Pizza Attack

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Author Comments

Deliver pizzas and slay zombies in a post-apocalyptic future.

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this is gonna get flagged.this was really bad

A nice start

Its def a nice start. You have a good concept. A few things to work on:
Physics: the character is too floaty. Tweak your numbers a bit to make the movement faster and more precise.
Help: You say "use W or A to move left or right" it's actually A or D.

This concept might work better if it was a Birds-Eye-View (top down) game. Where the player runs around the neighborhood delivering pizzas during a zombie infestation.

yeah.... this is a repost.

I reviewed this last night, and gave it a 5 or a 6... was probably the only decent score of the bunch. I admit, maybe you got a raw deal on votes last night... but, I don't think that means you should repost it. I'll give what I gave last time.

Very , very simple

The first level of the game is VERY similar to the rest of the other levels, not much animation effort was put in the characters. No leg movement, the zombies FLAP!?

Flying Zombies For the Win!

I didn't think much of this game until I realized that the zombies were literally flying. This image is reinforced by the zombies flapping their arms. I doubt you intended that to happen but either way that part was so bad it was good. Now on with the formal review

Rescue the object while fighting off zombies, simple and fun, for a while. Without variation between the levels games get old fast. You might try at least try adding visual variation between the levels such as different platforms. My main complaint is about the pizzas. In most games touching the object is enough to pick it up, but here you have to be on the same platform. What I did like was that the zombies died with one hit and, as said before, the fact that they were flying (epic, just epic).

The low point of this game. For starters, you overused the gradient tool. As I've been told, the gradient tool should be used sparingly. For the grass on the platforms it looked good but not so much on the characters. Your drawing skill is acceptable but there is still room for improvement. This also could have used a little more overall creativity. Take the signs for example: They were little more than plain white picket signs sticking out of the ground. In my opinion it would have also made more sense had he of been delivering pizzas to portals than to signs because one would assume they were going somewhere.

Needed work. Ironically, the zombies were more animated than the "living" character. Sure, he could swing his arm and have another arm appear when he picked up a pizza, but that was it. His legs didn't move to jump or walk (yes, I know the walk cycle is hard to master) and his face didn't change when he got hit. The zombies the lack of leg movement was arguably acceptable because they appeared to be flapping their arms to fly.

Could have used more work. While the music was acceptable it was the same throughout the whole thing (even while the menu screen was up). While you did have a good gunshot sound effects It could have also used more for things like getting hit or picking up a pizza.

It was a good game for a beginner but you've got a way to go yet. You're well on your way so don't get discouraged, practice your drawing, animation and programming.

Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2010
8:58 PM EST