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Daisy in Wonderland

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Hey NGers,

I have a new puzzle platform game to submit, I hope you like! It's all about a comely girl called Daisy who has managed to get stuck between dimensions. Every time she opens a door she jumps across into the next world.

Help her find her way home by jumping between Wonderland and the big city. Enter doors to move between dimensions and use switches to unlock puzzles.

Use the arrow keys to move LEFT and RIGHT and to climb UP or DOWN.
Use SPACE or UP to enter doorways and flip switches.



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Decent game

I liked the game play and the smooth animation, lovely graphics
and a nice idea. I also think its a great way to plug or give a promo to
a musician. I'm not a fan of this music type but i agree it gets repetitive, as flash goes you did great looping it perfectly lowering the file size and keeping enough quality to promo her music. Nothing wrong with that. good game.

Peace to you


I sorta like how the stages get a bit complex further in the game and the animation is fluid, but alas..I'm no teen to get into the game with a sort of a pattern and this sort of music. I'm sure kids in this generation would totally enjoy it, those who're into Jonas Bros and other youth bands. You may not find any takers here though.
heheh sorry.

tinymania responds:

Yup, I think you might have a point there ;)


The programming is solid, though hit detection seems a little off for the exit door.

The music, on the other hand...eech. Avril isn't worth copying.

tinymania responds:

Well, at least you can turn the sound off, I guess that's something!

Thanks for taking the time to review :)

Blame me if you want but...

The song IS almost as repetative as the gameplay itself. Not really something I would label as "fun". The two worlds idea is kinda interesting (Silent Hill) but doesn't make sense here.


It was ok the song gets really annoying after a while and the puzzles were just too easy. So this game cured my boredom for like 5 minutes =/

tinymania responds:

Well for me that's cool, my games are usually Tiny by nature, quick hits of fun, nothing too demanding. There are so many people on NG that can do in-depth gameplay really well.

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3.67 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2010
3:19 PM EST