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Use color to shoot enemies, outrun lasers, solve puzzles, and escape the over-saturated dungeon!

Your only weapon against vicious enemies, death-lasers, and mind-bending mazes are three color weapons: Red, Yellow, and Blue. Mix these together to form additional colors, and colorize everything that tries to stop you.

WASD or ARROW keys to move
MOUSE to aim and fire
SPACE or MOUSE WHEEL to switch colors.

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This game is really fun nice job btw :) I'm revisiting the visual elements of art at school and I'm kinda rusty lol! This game kinda helped me out hehe '^^

great! but...

I found a few glitches and things that could be changed in the game. twice i ended up somehow running through the walls and getting stuck in the outer game. one of those times my color guy got stuck completely outside the gaming window and i could not even try to find a way back causing the game to just be stuck in one place. also i noticed during "Run!" that i kept sticking to the walls making it hard for me to maneuver through the maze at a fast pace. other than those i really love the concept and fast thinking you need to perform for the game. excellent idea!

Very Nice

Excellent game, very creative and well done. The only issue is a game bug. At the end, when you're fighting Mr. Boss, the gate was misplaced, allowing me to simply skip over him. I'm not sure if this is a coding error, an issue on my part, or simply a "do you want to chicken out?" option. Either way, excellent job.


liked the idea od using colors, don't find that used alot these days.

Visually stunning

using the color wheel for gameplay was a great design. i liked the puzzles and enemies and everything was pretty neat.