Rocket Ninja Cyborg

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Rocket Ninja Cyborg is a fun little platformer that was inspired by "Ice Climber" and "Icy towers".

Try to jump / swing / climb / thrust / burst as high as you can before the rapidly-growing cyborg-melting mega-magma-soup sends you into robot-heaven!

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I'm very disappointed that this was never frontpaged, the idea of climbing to escape lava/fire has definitely been done before but i love the integration of the rope and jetpack, it makes the game stand out and I enjoyed it

Wow this is a nice gem.

Kids this days have no idea what fun really means they want a easy to beat beatifull game.
That way you will get bored of games way to fast and never get a real feeling of accomplishment...

just saying


I really like this game, been playing it for a few days now. I was surprised to see such low review scores!

The rope mechanic felt a bit strange at first but I came to like it. The different gameplay elements give nice variety and feel well balanced. Although simple the game is well polished, with small details like the lava distance and fast camera pan when restarting the level that work very well.

I love the music, especially how it starts, it really gets me energized to try one more time! Graphics are pretty good too. Overall great game, well done!


i thought it was okay, but the lava raises too fast, and you dont have the chance to read the controles before the lava comes..

also make us able to make the rope shorter and longer, that way it'll make a bit more easier to jump from platform to platform

pretty awful

It's a mess. Like I died and was reincarnated in a pixely mess back in 1980s.

Gameplay wasn't much better. Flixel should die if all these games I've seen so far are any indication of what people can do with it.

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4.00 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2010
6:13 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other