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I wanted to make a fun, addicting, but yet simple game and this is what I got. Avoidacious is an arcade styled game where you must avoid anything and everything that comes your way, while collecting hearts to gain back any lost lives, through 12 different stages with wild variants of enemy for each stage. You have to play it more and more to keep getting better.

Before starting the game, there are three shapes to choose from. Each shape has its advantages and disadvantages, namely the shapes speed and form. Depending on how difficult the shape is to play as, your score will be adjusted accordingly after losing all of your lives. After a shape is selected, the game will start. There are 12 total stages, with a stage change every 600 points. Points are earned while still alive and playing. Each stage brings a new set of enemies to avoid that have there own unique attributes you must account for. Every stage is harder than the last, this is why you have to keep playing to get better.

Every time an enemy hits your shape a life will be lost. The game starts with 4 lives and you can recover lost lives by collecting occasional spawned hearts while playing. After losing all of your lives you can submit your score to the high-score list, revealing others and your own skill.

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It may be simple but...

It's fun, addicting and challenging. GOOD JOB!

I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but...

This game SUCKS


as you did say "play more and more to keep getting better" i oly got to the pink things with the triangle and to the red with the square but it was AWSOME

Interesting and neat game

A very fun and addictive game here i was really not expecting this game to be all that but as i played it and dodged other shapes it was getting better as i played on, and even addictive, very fun and entertaining, really had fun with this and i know others will aswell, nice job here

Hope you make more like this it was entertaining