Mad Blocker

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A new game sponsored by Frosmo. This is our first cooperation with Open Emotion Studios, we hope you'll like the game!

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love it

i was really sad when it got removed last time. it's
brilliant i really enjoy it
i like the addition of the changing block


This felt like Tetris with better graphics. The game was okay but I never felt challenged This felt like another Tetris clone and while everything looks and sounds great nothing made me say wow.

This is great

I made daily second before getting too stoned to comprehend this game. This is fun. I will play this again. I love you.

Derivative game with subpar controls.

You're not doing anything innovative here, and the problem with sticking to a classic formula is that there will be plenty of other identical games to compare you against when you're sloppy in other respects. Your controls feel generally unresponsive, and I've been plagued constantly by the issue of two or more blocks in a row dropping too fast to control if I hit down to drop just one. This really needs to be changed to require you to actually release the button and push it again to drop multiple blocks.

Well ...

It's too easy. Not enough different blocks, that plus the magical ones means the player can hardly lose if he plays randomly. I lost at level 11 when I couldn't press the keys fast enough to reach the edges of the of the screen (without even looking at the colors) ... On first try. And I'm bad at that kind of game.

Graphics and sounds were ok tho ...

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3.69 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2010
2:13 AM EST
Puzzles - Falling