Heart Apart

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High Scores

High Scores
1. cyhiken 69,350
2. includo135 69,340
3. Thehobo23 69,050
4. BK-TN 68,010
5. Lordwishes 67,640
6. Rip-Saw 65,780
7. Lantheros 64,450
8. Dranj 64,220
9. Gloomy 63,810
10. gundamkiller-988 62,750
11. yass 62,720
12. shemek 62,540
13. ParadoxPanda 62,490
14. Drancerdude 62,470
15. Adversarius 62,420
16. NeroBloodfire 62,350
17. LuckyBlackCat 62,010
18. pstuck0820 61,990
19. Flodu63 61,840
20. 5urface 61,670

Author Comments

Play as evil cupid shooting apart hearts, then play as good cupid sealing up the broken hearts.

Controls: mouse with wasd or arrows

Press m to mute, p to pause.

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This was cool

So this was a cool game I like the idea of the game and makes it fun now I would suggest making more flashy effects in these action points and such but that's just an opinion but overall this was a fun little game you have here and I was really pleased with it

Some extra effects on action points would be cool


I didn't know how to split the hearts. I shot them but it didn't work. How many times do you have to do it? I guess you have to hit them right in the middle. That's lame. It's too difficult.

Oh, I'm being too whiny. I really liked the putting together part. That was way easier. It did have interesting gameplay that way. Still nothing I would recommend.

Coaly responds:

Haha, fair review. It's clunky. I wouldn't recommend it either x)

pretty fun

i liked how you can change pace. either destroy the worlds love or save it

Um a little weird...

um however made this your weird... but its pretty addictive it get's challenging but thats what makes the game not get old...


it was interesting and glitched out at times

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2010
12:37 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional