Reviews for "Heart Apart"


sometimes u cant click om things wen ur the good cupid, kidna the same with the bad one

To Ultiran

if you want to mute the music you have to pause the game

Coaly responds:

false, press m

Nice game

Just in time for Valentine's Day but just kinda repetitive. Still a fun game though!

More options.

The only thing that I want to suggest are the options of muting the music... because I want to listen to my own, and I cant.

Coaly responds:

press m to mute, or pause and click mute


A very "nice" game for valentines day. i dont normally like simple games, but it was fine for the small number of levels there were. also... great concept :D the whole idea of the two cupids fighting over hearts is pretty damn cute sooooo have a 9 :3