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Desktop Gravity

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Author Comments

First flash game, next is in the works and involves Tower Defenses

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It's been a while since i've played a game whose difficulty is as cruel as this one's. The concept of gravity benders is nothing new, but your level design was just cruel enough to get you eight stars.

Too random for a puzzle game

Played to level 21 I think. Main complaint is that it is too random. On some levels there is almost no thinking, just shoot and hope for the best, and it makes the game feel unfair or just boring. Some levels were good though, and I had fun at times.

It could use a more coherent art style, right now it looks like a mash up of sprites and pictures from many places.


I like this game. I find the concept to be cute, the game play itself relaxing, and the operation to be crisp and resource friendly. Part of me wishes there were music, but I think you made the right choice leaving it out, since it could easily be intrusive. The sound effects that are there are appropriate and satisfying.

I'm a little put off by the sprites, but that's personal preference. Of the many things I've seen that integrate pictures of real objects as sprites, this is probably one of the better ones, and certainly one of those with the best justification for doing so. I also felt that you deserved some props for using a variety of objects, from erasers to iphones, rather then sticking to just one or two. I'm a little concerned with the consistency of levels, however. Level six was an especially good example, since it took up to thirty seconds to know whether the shot you made had any chance of scoring. That said, the gravity modeling is as close to perfect as I've seen in a flash game. By contrast, levels 1-5 I completed in just a few shots and knew if I was off the mark in seconds. However, I did enjoy the game and I look forward to further submissions.


This is really good, I like it, you've got the graphics the sound, everything runs smoothly and the script works to a tee..

Reminds me of space penguins, but it's a little more challenging.. All I can say is maybe make more.. sequels or just other games.. this is definitely a winner.

It's good

I think the difficulty is a bit funky. On some levels it's a bit hard to get on the first try, you have to redo the level over and over again to get it, and on some levels you can complete it in one shot.

And on some levels, like level 6, once you manage to get the ball into the area you want it, it's going so slow you have to wait awhile before it gets to the goal.

I also think it's stupid that every time you shoot a ball, it subtracts five seconds from your time. On some levels you get so frustarated that you keep shooting, and pretty soon you have no time left at all.

Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2010
2:22 PM EST