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Featuring a poem by TooP03TIC, a new face on Newgrounds.

Heart++ is a simple platformer with a deeper meaning and an extra mode after you beat it. ;)
When things seem tough, remember to think outside the walls around you. ;)


UPDATE: 2/13/10 - Made gravity lighter, made controls somewhat tighter.
UPDATE 2: 2/13/10 - Fixed some typos.
UPDATE 3: 2/13/10 - Fixed Movement Engine, Added some twists to some levels to make it more interesting.

POEM - As it was meant to be read.
In life there are many question that I could be asking
Is life real, do I feel, am I everlasting?
And the last thing, when I am collapsing to the floor
To my death, is my breath the very last thing?

Does my heart get colder? Do i just grow older?
Will you listen or will my vision just glisten over
What is earth, what is space, does it end
Or does it bend at least%uFEFF lend me a little faith for pretend

Where did we come from? Where are we going
We dont know but we float on a rock like weve noticed the motions
N%uFEFF emotion is showing cause explosions still blowing
Im hoping we closing a chapter so a new one will open

But love is intangible I cant stand how we hug it
We cant handle unknown so we disband of the subject
Its standing above us, can reach it together span is humongous
So take a deep breath enter the deep end, we expand through each other

but then i realised she was like an atomic bomb
with everyword there was destruction, arguments that destroyed the calm
she carried seduction inn%uFEFF her purse and napalm in her palm
ether sneakers, acid in her tongue
i wanted a river of her love, now i lost sight of the sun
drowning in a sea of debris, gaining weakness in my lungs
i remember..after she detonated, i mean after she actually left my embraces
i felt i was invaded enslaved by heartbreak i couldn escape it
to think i wanted my cup to overflow
..poison overdose

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An abysmal platformer with totally unresponsive controls getting on your nerves, pathetic level design and a terribad poem. This is by far the worst platformer I've ever played - and I've played lots! Knyszekanimated, you should never make games and your friend should never write. I mostly play without logging in, but now I felt I just had to log in and comment on this terrible game.

You inspired me to write this as a reply.

It's not good by my standards, but it gets the message across. After reading that my brain shut down for awhile. The last stanza, as I fear this may be wasted on a fool's ears, refers to three poets you really, and I mean really, need to look into.
As for the game. The three was for the concept of playing a game to read a poem. I got to about level 16 I think before I got bored of it. The only reason I went that far is because I wanted to read the entire poem without %uFEFF in it. God help me, I don't know why I wanted to read any further than that, but I did. Then i called my brother to ask him to read it so i knew someone else in this world suffered as I did.
On a last note. Yes, I did write this poem to slander yours. But in the process of insulting you I had fun. I decided I hated you much less and ask that you see the advice that the poem gives as well.
Oh I guess I didn't give it a title yet... Ah, I know....

Why Do My Eyes Bleed Oh Lord!

Your words and tactics are shapeless and base
Like the cold biting wind that scathed my face
The satyrs cry and stop their dancing
The demons in hell cease their snarling and gnashing
Cereberus, terrible shield of Hades, whimpers and whines
Gods, beautiful and everlasting, now see through but mortal eyes

In perhaps your naivete
You did not know you wrote our doomsday
Your prose is no less than agony
The rhyming scheme wails for consistency
All who can read may die at the sight of your wicked writ
Your mother shrieks as the rapture bears her away, "Look at what you did!"

There is a gentle rapping at your chamber door
It is the raven begging you write, "Nevermore"
Robert Frost fled, his family and friends forsaken
He ran away not caring what road was less taken
Dante kept secret the last circle of his inferno
Reserved for those whose writing no one should ever know

Knyszekanimated responds:

Hmmmm... Well first ill thank you for a useless review... I did not find a single thing that might just have helped me or my friend (writer). You're basically telling us that we're horrible at game design/writing, then (at least for the writing) tell us to never write again. You just successfully gave us destructive criticism with your main purpose to demotivate us. I would be less annoyed right now if instead of writing a poem about how much you think we suck, you could have given us some reasons and some criticism that actually helps. Its just wrong man. I feel like i have just been trolled in a sophisticated way.

just letting you know

you still have bugs in this game

Knyszekanimated responds:

It would be nice if you could tell me what they were... could you PM me with the stuff?


i like ur questions and the game

Finally finished. Now for the review...

Looking at the game with the poem: A beautiful representation of how hard it is to reach ones true goal of love whilst overcoming any obstacles that life throws at you. Doing anything and everything to reach love until you are within its grasp (BTW, i'm no poet laureate so if the message of the poem isn't that, then please forgive me).

Looking at the game without the poem: Something I want to beat up with a stick. The game isn't too bad until you get to the part where you must make pin-point jumps. And the character slides when landing. Sometimes there wasn't any room to jump! Nit-picking aside, there was good level design and the music complemented the theme that is Valentine's Day.

Overall, nice game, decent platformer and great poem.