Eddie Vance Issue 1

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This is the start of a webcomic I plan to update weekly. It will grow to 100+ pages when it is finally done, then I will print it as a paperback trade. But I wanted people to be able to read it for free online as well as I work on it. So I figured Newgrounds might be a good place to display it. Tell me what you think. I'm an amateur comic artist so any constructive feedback will be very helpful. I don't know flash very well so any tips to make the flash for reading this comic better is appreciated as well. This first issue is a test for me and what I learn from it will help the next few grow. Thanks!
Art and story by me, Chris Shehan. Cover by myself and Hannah New. Music by Armando Perez.

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A good start.

Your art is pretty good, and i like how you did the last frame with his reflection over the dead zombie. Also the music was a really cool touch.

The amnesia thing is little cliched, but that's just because it's cool. I'm definitely going to be on the watch for the next one.

ZhouRules responds:

Thanks for the input! And the story is not like one you've heard before. its a lot different. though i did go with the amnesia because it was the best way to reveal the past and the future at the same time without wasting any time. everything new Eddie learns the audience is learning as well. I wanted to relate him to the audience so that going in neither you or him know whats going on. thanks again


That was... uhm... short. I'm not sure if it's a good idea mixing a story of amnesia with a story of an apocolypse. Like, seriously. This could be genious. Or crap. I have no clue. So, I'm COMPLETELY neutral here, I guess...

ZhouRules responds:

As the story progresses he finds clues and has flashbacks about his past and slowly remembers who he is and his purpose. That's the point of the story. And it takes a few hours to complete one page so I don't have a lot of time to make it long if I'm going to be doing it weekly. Thanks for the comment though.

Missing aspects keep this from standing out...


The art itself is very good, and the comic seems interesting enough.

However I would like the option to turn off the music, change the quality,
and maybe you could have animated some of the text, you really should have included a preloader as well...

Lastly it felt kind of short to me... Which isn't a good sign when my own web comics are criminally short.

Otherwise good job!
- Celx

ZhouRules responds:

6 pages a week is a lot really. A normal comic book is produced monthly and is 24 pages. thats 6 pages a week. I could update it monthly and have 24 pages a month. But I was really hoping to do a weekly deal. And as for the music and preloader and quality and all that I don't know flash very well, but I'll take note of all that and try to include all of that in the next one. Thanks!

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Feb 11, 2010
5:28 PM EST
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