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This is my first upload ever, and it's just a clock. Please comment any suggestions you can think of to improve this clock. Please remember it's just a clock!

I'm thinking about adding sounds, color, and maybe some easter eggs.

Before you comment please remember it's just a clock!

Edit 1: Now with ticking sounds!

Edit 2: Wow I can't believe this old thing is still here!



I thought this was more feces left by the Clock Crew and was about to give it the usual auto-0. This is... actually a clock. Unless this is a trick...?

xKINGOFKINGSx responds:

This is definitely NOT a trick, it's exactly as the title says.

One suggestion

It's obvious you're using this as a stepping stone to learn flash scripting. I apologize for the low reviews by people who don't realize this. It's a very nice clock, well designed. Simple, but stylish. My suggestion, if you work on a "v2" would be to learn how to tie it to user's system time. It Can be done, and is a good thing to learn. Have fun, and welcome to the flash community!

xKINGOFKINGSx responds:

Thank you for actually giving a damn. I'm trying my best to learn flash.


it needs powerups

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xKINGOFKINGSx responds:

I hope that's sarcasm

Wait, wtf?

This isn't even a game!

Why isn't this thing's score 0?! >:C

Not good.

No color, no sound, and why did you call it a game? 0/5, 1/10

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2.41 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2010
4:21 PM EST
Gadgets - Other