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Guide Danny as he climbs the ranks of the WUCBA to become world champion. But standing in his way are 16 crazy opponants.

Danny must learn their styles and weaknesses to rise to the top.

5 months in the making, hope you enjoy it. Stick and move.

Q & E -Jab
A & D -Hook
S -Uppercut
Direction keys -Dodge and Duck

If you experience, you may want to reduce the quality a bit

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Well, the game is very good. Very fun to play, and I like how unique the characters are, surprising for a Punch Out fan game. 1 problem: Most of the time I dodge but nothing happens (I still get hit!) I had to read comments to know how to get up, as well. So nerf the dodging a bit, and make the instructions a little clearer. (Oh and also, please make both punch buttons right next to each other, i hate stretching my fingers across.)

I'm so bad at this game...


This is truly fantastic. From the opponent's personalities, to the gameplay, to the changing menu screen depending on who you last beat, all the way to the extreme difficulty, this clearly has an 11/10 on effort put into it. I especially enjoyed the surprise when after you bet Metzgermeister, when UberC (An EXTREMELY upgraded UC) shows up and challenges you for the title. Also, I really enjoyed how each character (except for the first 4 and UberC) won't immediately take 8 hits, which adds to the challenge a little bit. I also thought that having a bunch of title belts to get added replay value so that there's more to come back for than to just starting over again. Also, I liked how after a bit, the opponent's faces would show signs of injury, since it gave a sense of progression that the health bar shrinking and the opponent falling on his/her face just couldn't top.

However, the game is not perfect. Some parts were overly difficult, like Nighty's control messer-upper attack. Also I wish that the music would change up when taking on a champion, or when getting to another circuit, since I kind of got tired of the same exact song after hearing it about 500+ times. Also, I feel like Everybody after Nighty was too easy (especially UberC). I literally beat Mars on like my 2nd try, and even Metzgermeister took me less tries than Remiel or Marny to finally beat. Also, is it just me, do the intro's for each opponent feel like boring story boards? And the worst part is that after you beat an opponent for the first time, the game kinda starts to get painfully easy since I know exactly how to dodge each attack they do.

Despite those few flaws I mentioned, this game is still an entire planet away from terrible (get it?). The enjoyable parts of the game can easily make me forget about the flaws, and this was undoubtedly the best game I've ever played from Unreal Canine. That's why Underdog!! gets...

A 4.5 Knockout Punches (Punch Sound Effect) Out of Five.

no Lucariopokemonsonic your not!

sorry for the late reply my computer broke and we had to save up for another one i to can't beat him. Oh and unreal canine (u.c) is metzgermiester and Marny german?

Greatest Fighting Game Ever!!!

I beat all the opponents except Merzgermeister!!!
Here is a description of each opponent:
UC- Created By UnrealCanine (Great for beginning "Dannys")
Rob- Created By Dotario
Dom- Created By dsnajde35
Chris- Created By Splapp-Me-Do
Harry- Created By Matt (The beginning cutscene shows him pouncing... on a guitar FOR SALE)
Munchkins- Created By Pedro (This guy took me more than two weeks to beat!)
Tania- Created By TwistedHope (If you punch her, she punches you back... HARDER)
Will- Created By TwistedHope
Konami- Created By UnrealCanine
Badly Drawn Dawg- Created By Splapp-Me-Do
Remiel- Created By Caibel
Marny- Created By Marnador
Mikey- Created By UnrealCanine (The Poor Guy gets punched in the face by Konami, his girlfriend, in the beginning cutscene)
Nighty- Created By Caibel (He seems easy to beat but he has an annoying power to make you move backwards)
Mars- Created By Splapp-Me-Do (When you lose to him, he starts singing the What is the Light song. He also has added features including arms and boxer gloves. The beginning cutscene shows him traveling along in space when he sees a sign that says Do You Want to Be a Boxer?)
Merzgermeister- Created By UnrealCanine (The beginning cutscene shows him defeating all the other 11 characters one at a time every beat)
I hope other Underdog games are coming soon. I have noticed that in the prequel to Underdog, (Underdog: Her Story) Splapp-Me-Do hasn't participated in making it. I'm glad that Konami made it to the second Underdog. There is a glitch with the game, though. Whenever I beat an opponent, the next time I log in it says I haven't saved, so I have to restart to the previous boss. I would like you to fix that, unless it's my laptop's problem. Also, does anyone know how to beat Merzgermeister? If you do, please explain it to me. Anyways, keep up the good work!
P.S. Am I the first one to get to the final opponent? Just wondering.

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3.95 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2010
12:38 PM EST
Sports - Boxing